entry-level recruitment

Tellos matches personality and aptitude to opportunity.

Our mission is to create clear pathways for entry-level job seekers to find their best suited job.

Our mission is to create clear pathways for entry-level job seekers to find their best suited job.

The problem

Low job-placement fit leads to high turnover of entry-level workers.

20-40% of entry-level workers do not make it past 3 months of employment. A major contributing factor to this is low job-placement fit.

Low job-placement fit

Our solution

Smart visual assessments, human-centric A.I. and skill development pathways, to find the right person the right job.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Tellos harnesses the power of behavioural imagery to make assessments faster and easier to complete than traditional or gamified tests. No matter what your educational level or digital literacy, we are all able to process complex information through imagery.

How it works


Candidates take a 3-5 minute visual quiz to assess personality and vocational aptitude on any device.


Machine Learning algorithms analyse candidates’ data, and then matches quiz applicants to their best suited jobs.


Candidates are shown relevant skill providers to develop themselves further and increase their chances of future employment.

Why it works

Built for everyone

Simple, fun and engaging, and works on all devices.


Images and questions reflect local and cultural difference.

Rapid response

'Me / Not Me' encourages fast response which reduces test fatigue and improves accuracy.

Backed by science

Researched and tested in-market to ensure validity and reliability.



Our recruitment technology is inclusive. Built to overcome low literacy levels, designed to eliminate cultural bias and developed to work on any device.


Emerging market conditions require emerging market solutions. Our assessments are built from the ground to more accurately represent our users.


By providing people with self knowledge and paths for development we can turn every job application into a empowering experience.

A theoretical framework for emerging markets
Existing personality and vocational frameworks are tested and developed for first world environments. This leads to biased, skewed results which can be misleading for people from emerging markets. We are committed to conduct research to build upon established frameworks in order to have a more accurate representation of the people we aim to serve.

Who we are

Jared Molko

Expert in mobile development. Ex-Googler, headed up YouTube Mobile Product for EMEA. Masters Degree in Analytical Psychology through Pacifica Institute (CA).

Sandra Matz PhD

Leading Professor in Computational Social Science and Psychometrician. PhD from the University of Cambridge Psychology Department. Professor at Columbia Business School (NY).

Contact us

We are currently piloting our technology and conducting research to test and validate our solution. If you would like to contact us either to partner or to find out more, please share your details with us below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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